Coachella Fashion….so they sell feathers.

Anonymous asked: *vogues self into something a little more comfortable*


Was just woken up mid dream by a crawling sensation on my shoulder. I reached around to scratch it and smashed a BIG fucking spider. Now everything feels like spiders :(

My Belle and Sebastian shirt is ~10 years old. 


Lumpy Drag Race

A stop to smell the pincushion

Guy walking his pig. Kenzo walked by it with this look like “wtf kind of dog is that?”

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Hosted friends from Montreal this weekend. Hosting is exhausting. All I did today was eat cheese and watch Ab Fab to recover. This summer we are visiting another group of friends in Montreal so I think I will try learning a little bit of French…maybe just the food words.  

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Going to miss my professor on the left for obvious reasons. I was always early and front row and center :]

I have an aunt who shared an article on FB about a school that snuck in yoga into its curriculum by disguising the class as “flow”. The editor “did his research” aka google search and discovered that flow is a term for a type of yoga. He is very concerned for the path the school is heading towards…”they are all in my prayers.” 

I can’t watch my yoga DVDs anymore without swapping words like energy and flow with DEMONS and SATAN.

"Feel the fallen angels guide your bend… slowly as the power of Satan stretches your lower back. Now deep breath in….and exhale Jesus."